Retro Suites & Just Grin Productions
November 9, 2016
Club Lentinas & Just Grin Productions
November 30, 2016

Last month I had the opportunity to go on tour again with Paquette Productions as their Lighting Director. As their Lighting Director I developed lighting plans to go hand-in-hand with the music to help create the ultimate atmosphere for the band, the vocalists and the audience.  It’s about helping the performance come to life with the appropriate use of various lighting techniques. Using varying lighting options is very important to create dynamics throughout the performance. This includes, but is not limited to subtle lighting for more emotional moments, energetic chases & movement for upbeat segments and sometimes even an absence of lighting at the right moment in time.

I was able to work with the theatre’s Lighting Technicians to develop ambiance and texture to enhance special moments in the music. Knowing the cues helps create a seamless show.

Having a Lighting Director on tour with them ensures that there is consistency across all the shows on the tour. This allows Paquette Productions to promise a great show to their audiences regardless of where the show is being held.

I look forward to the next tour and any other Lighting Director opportunities that may arise!  Thanks for reading!  Sincerely, Waylan


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