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July 29, 2015
Trust the professionals with your wedding
August 26, 2015
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It’s touching when our customers really value what we do!

“Waylan, you are the most professional and invested vendor we had the opportunity to work with. From your sweet posts via social media (wedding and life related) during the days leading up to our big day, to the packed and happy dance floor you maintained the day of the Wedding, you exceeded every expectation we had of you. You gave us peace of mind during the days leading up to the wedding that were otherwise hectic and sometimes doubtable, and you were absolutely the creator of the energy and love in the room that night! Our money was extremely well invested with you – your experience is notably evident in the way you built the night up and rocked your equipment! You are a true, reliable professional with respected mannerisms and the sweetest heart! Your equipment was top notch, your set up was clean and organized and you dressed the part of our extravagant day. The fact that 6 weeks after our wedding and you are the only vendor that has sent us a customer satisfaction speaks volumes to how invested you are in succeeding your business, and ensuring your customer’s found value in your service. We respect that.”

Bride DJ

Bride DJ

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