A look back at 2020
February 8, 2021
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Wedding planning is hard, especially in this restricted & locked-down world that we’re living in right now!

While the current state of the world is uncertain, you can be confident that the team at Just Grin will be by your side!

We are here to help you include all of your friends & family in your wedding, even if they’re not able to be there in-person because of provincial regulations, or health concerns, or travel restrictions. This is why we are offering High Quality Live Streaming of your wedding ceremony from just about anywhere, with multiple camera views and several layout scenes for a professional production.

We have helped dozens of couples reschedule/postpone/pivot/modify their weddings according to their individual situations, and Live Streaming has become a big part of this. Couples want to get married, and they want their friends & family to be able to be there with them, even if it’s only virtual.

So allow us to take on this complicated task with professional audio & video, streamed to an online platform that’s easily accessible so your close ones can see you tie the knot regardless of provincial restrictions, travel mandates, or border closures.

Contact us today and let’s start planning!

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