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Do you know the one-&-only Timothy Muza?!

I had the pleasure of working with Timothy at Ellen & Jordan’s wedding last year. Timothy’s approach to capturing weddings is quite unique and his deliverables are second-to-none.

I asked Timothy to tell me about himself and his business, and this is what he has to say…

“I am Timothy Muza, I am a wedding photographer/videographer operating out of Ontario. Specifically Guelph is my home base, however I travel as far as Mexico to Iceland to capture weddings for adventurous couples.”

Timothy credits his start in the wedding industry to Lindsay Coulter & Taylor Jackson.

“I started shooting weddings with two of my best friends Lindsay & Taylor. I was working as a creative director at a Kitchener start-up in 2012. They came into my office to record us for a documentary about the tech-boom. After a short discussion and seeing the camera equipment on my desk, they asked if I would be interested in second shooting a wedding with them. I was hooked. I second-shot weddings with them until I built up enough of a portfolio to then start my own business In 2015.”

When talking with Timothy you can really tell that he has a genuine passion for what he does. I asked him about his favourite part of job. This is what he had to say:

“I love that I get to capture the important moments and people in their lives to add to their family photo albums and video collections. I’ve always been keenly interested in learning about people. Capturing weddings and meeting 100’s of new people every wedding season, getting to step behind the curtain of their lives into the intimate moments between family members is a great reminder that we are all the same. We all just want to love and be loved by the people in our lives. I think that’s pretty cool.”

I mentioned that Timothy has a unique approach to weddings. I asked him to explain how he goes about capturing moments he’s looking for throughout the big day.

“I think what sets me apart from other videographers is my laid-back personable way of capturing weddings. I like to take a fly on the wall approach to the day. I find that the important moments translate more authentically when people forget I am there. I like to work light, so the cameras and equipment I use (while being high quality & professional grade) are low profile and unobtrusive, you won’t find me wearing a steady-cam rig running up the aisle during vows. The couples I like to work with appreciate this approach to capturing wedding day, they want someone to capture them as authentically as they are and present them with a video that accurately represents how the day felt. “

Here are Timothy’s recommendations for things to look for when doing your videography research:

“Three things to consider when picking a videographer are: 1) Their approach to capturing video, 2) what specific aspects of your day they are going to be capturing, and most importantly, 3) if you get along. Your photographer & your videographer will be with you for most of the day, basically another member of the wedding party. So to make sure that you gel with him/her is as important as liking their body of work.”

He also took the time to put together some questions that he feels are important to ask your potential videographers.

“Important questions for your videographer are: How long will the video be? Can I pick my own song for the wedding film? Which aspects of the day will your be capturing? What is your overall approach to capturing wedding days? At the end of the day, you are hiring a videographer for their ability to blend in well with your family and friends, and deliver your video(s) that accurately represent your wedding day.”

So there’s the inside scoop from Timothy Muza. Check out more of his work on his website at timothymuza.com

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