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Luke Davidson, otherwise known as LD The Officiant, will bring a breathe of fresh air to any wedding ceremony.  We have worked with LD on numerous occasions and each and every wedding ceremony is intimate, unique, and personalized.  Luke’s fun & lighthearted personality and his “I got you” mentality fits perfectly with his unmistakable voice for the perfect package.

I asked Luke some questions so you can get a brief glimpse of what LD The Officiant is all about.  

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“My name is Luke Davidson, my friends call me LD. I like to say that I live my life to the fullest and bring positivity, passion, and energy everywhere I go. I am a licenced Wedding Officiant in Ontario and I absolutely love what I do.”

How did you get started?

“A few years ago, a good friend asked me to marry them. They said that I could go online and get ordained for $25 and then marry them. Well after investigating, it was definitely more than $25 and it was a full course that I needed to take. But over the years, I have been emceeing numerous community events and friends’ weddings. Speaking in front of people is something that I am extremely comfortable with. Last February I emceed the Chatham-Kent Wedding Show, which was the turning point for me. I knew then that I wanted to start my own business as a wedding officiant.”

What is your favourite part about the job?

“I have two favourite parts of my job. 

First, is the initial meeting that I have with brides and grooms. This is where we sit down for a warm or cold drink and get to know each other. They tell me about how they met, what they want for their big day, and I provide them with many self-serve options which allows their ceremony to be personal, romantic, and fun. I love it when I leave a bride and groom and they feel at ease and relieved because they know that “I got them”. Whatever they want for their big day, I will provide. 

Second, is the ceremony itself. The groom is usually standing beside me as he waits patiently for his bride. He’s sweating and nervous as the entire crowd stares at both of us. I keep him calm by just chatting away with him, taking away all of the nerves and providing a relaxed atmosphere. During the ceremony, having fun with the bride and groom, but at the same time providing them with the exact ceremony they were looking for.”

What sets you apart from other wedding officiants?

“There are so many great officiants in our area. Each one of them bring something special to their couples’ ceremonies. As for myself, my biggest asset is my ability to connect with people, my big personality, and my “Barry White” voice that captivates the room. When I meet a new bride and groom, I love it when they say that I made them feel comfortable and that they were so happy they were referred and reached out to me.”

What do you feel is the most important thing a potential client should consider when looking for their wedding officiant?

“Potential clients want to consider the space they are getting married in. Some bands and live musicians take up a lot of space with instruments and equipment. We can fit just about anywhere! It’s also important for couples to envision what they want their special day to look, feel, and sound like, and choose musicians that fit into that vision. This is why we always sing live at Wedding Shows, because we want potential clients to get a feel for our sound, and to really SEE us as part of their vision.”

What do you feel is the most important thing that a potential client should consider when looking for their wedding officiant?

“I think the most important thing is making sure that you are comfortable with your officiant. When you meet with your officiant the first time and they say that they can’t provide what you want, keep it moving. Go look for another one. A great officiant is one that listens to what you want and then makes it happen for you.”

What are some important questions for a client to ask a potential officiant? 

“From my short experience, the most important thing to ask is “are you available on this date?” and if so, meet with that officiant as soon as possible. I recommend that as soon as couples book their venue, they should look for an available officiant shortly thereafter. The worst feeling for an officiant is the inability to help couples with their big day because they’re not available. Some couples wait to start looking for an available officiant a few months, or sometimes a few weeks before their big day. When wedding season is in full force, most officiants are booked. Or if we can help you, the couples have to either hold their ceremony much earlier or later in the day to accommodate the officiant’s schedule.”

So there is a brief overview about Luke Davidson.  Feel free to contact Luke via email: [email protected], phone/text: 519-436-7130, Facebook, Instagram, or on his website

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