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I had the pleasure of working with L&L Entertainment at a wedding in the fall of 2019 at the Rustic Ranch in Kent Bridge.  These two ladies sing so well together it literally gave me goosebumps.  Right then I was determined that we needed to work together more often so that our clients can experience great entertainment in all its forms!  Here is a brief introduction to L & L Entertainment.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“L&L comes from our first names- Lindsay and Laura. We are sisters who grew up with music all around us! We’ve been singing together professionally for many years, and we specialize in providing live music for weddings and special events (fundraisers, engagement parties, holiday parties, etc…). When it comes to providing music for someone’s wedding day, we sit down with the couple and create a package that suits their vision. We have a large repertoire of music from jazz, to pop, to folk, and everything in between! Music is in our bones, and we absolutely love what we do!”

How did you get started?

“We’ve been singing and performing since we were little. Our earliest performances started back in our hometown singing the national anthem for sports events and singing on the ‘big stage’ at the local fair. As we got older, we began to find our own style of performance, and started to do things separately. Laura travelled around western Canada performing with a Juno-award winning Jazz musician, and Lindsay starred as leading roles in several music theatre productions. A couple of years ago we decided it was time to join forces again and start something new. Our focus was on creating a sound that was both unique and beautiful. We came up with a name, created a website, and L&L was born!”

What is your favourite part about the job?

“The thing that makes this job so wonderful is that we get to be part of someone’s special day. We get to be there when two people celebrate the most important day of their lives! Singing a bride down the aisle is an incredible experience, that we do not take for granted. There is nothing that makes us happier than receiving an email from a couple, thanking us for making their day extra-special and memorable for their guests!”

What sets you apart from other entertainers?

“There is no one like us around. Our voices, although different, blend together to create beautiful harmonies. We have a large repertoire of songs, from all musical genres, which makes it easy for us to sing anything the couple wants to hear. Everyone has a song they want to walk down the aisle to, or have their first dance to, and we are always able to do that song. If we don’t know it, we will learn it! That is our guarantee.”

What do you feel is the most important thing a potential client should consider when looking for their live entertainment?

“Potential clients want to consider the space they are getting married in. Some bands and live musicians take up a lot of space with instruments and equipment. We can fit just about anywhere! It’s also important for couples to envision what they want their special day to look, feel, and sound like, and choose musicians that fit into that vision. This is why we always sing live at Wedding Shows, because we want potential clients to get a feel for our sound, and to really SEE us as part of their vision.”

What are some important questions for a client to ask potential live entertainers?

“It’s important to make sure that the live musician is able to play the music that you want at your wedding. I would advise brides and grooms to ask to see a song list, prior to hiring.  It’s also important to ask about prices, deposits, and cancellation policies before booking.”

We have worked together a number of times now and can streamline things for set-up to make everything go smoothly.  I believe that they are the perfect feature for a cocktail hour.  If you’re looking for something special for your wedding, feel free to check out Lindsay & Laura online at www.landlentertainment.ca, on Facebook , and Instagram  @l.and.l.entertainment.  They can also be emailed directly at [email protected].

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