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I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce Emily of Emily Paints Events!

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at an Industry Professionals Night that I was providing DJ & karaoke services at (Thanks to Christian of Love Sprouts Photography).  When Emily explained to me what she does, I was totally blown away and knew that I had to share her story!

How did you get started, Emily?

“I had the idea in December of 2018, a lot of my friends were getting married in 2019 and I’ve always been an artist. It just kind of happened, I was doing a lot more painting because I was on maternity leave and the idea of painting weddings just popped into my head one day at the gym, then I thought – oh my goodness, it could be so great.”

What is your favourite part about your job?

“Being in the middle of everything! Weddings are such a fun experience, there is always such a great mood, fabulous food, lively music, and it’s just SO fun.”

What requirements do you have in order to best capture the event?

“Well, once a couple has decided they’d like to have me at their wedding it starts off by making sure their date is available. I’m a one-woman-show and can only be at one wedding per day. If it’s available then we grab a coffee and talk about the scene they’d like to capture as well as any special requests. The day of the actual wedding, I really only need a small space that is facing the scene to be painted.”

What would you consider as your artistic style?

“I’d probably call it realistic impressionism. My paintings are realistic in that you can identify who people are in the artwork and I represent them as I see them. They are impressionist in the sense that I am usually trying to capture movement, creating an accurate display of light, and you can see brushstrokes in my paints.”

What do you typically provide to the client (size, canvas, frame, etc)?

“Depends on the package they want! My smaller package includes the 18×24” canvas and a frame. While the largest package includes a 24×36” canvas, a frame, thank you cards, and a canvas print of the painting.”

What’s the best for way for people to contact you?

“On my website I have a calendar they can use to set up a consultation”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I’m so excited to be in my second year and I hope to spread the word about live wedding painting as it’s an entirely new concept to many people. They don’t even know it exists! I seriously love capturing all the love and emotion from a wedding, and being there while it’s all happening is incredible. The love and emotion of that night is literally in the paint, and I think it’s just so special.”

If you want to learn more about Emily’s work, check out her website (https://www.emilypaintsevents.com/) and find her on Instagram (@emilypaintsevents).  I hope that you enjoyed this feature post!  Feel free to reach out and let me know what you think 🙂

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