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Have you met…..PHONG?!

I had the pleasure of working with Phong of Modern Frame Media at Samantha & Otto’s wedding at Grey Silo Golf Course.  Phong took the time to reach out to me beforehand to discuss hooking into my sound system for an audio feed and was extremely personable.  From that moment I was determined that we needed to work together again, and often 🙂

I asked Phong to tell me about himself and his business, and this is what he has to say…

“I have always enjoyed movies growing up and the art of filmmaking. It was always just an interest and not really something I wanted to pursue as a career. When I got married and hired a videographer to capture my wedding, I didn’t know what to look for or knew what to expect. I hired our videographer mainly based on cost and overlooked the quality of work. After seeing our wedding video, it was ok but looked really cheesy and lacked a timeless modern feel. Since then I paid more attention to wedding filmmaking. In the summer of 2018 I bought a camera and took a trip to Vancouver for a wedding as a guest. I filmed everything that weekend with intentions of making a travel video for fun.  I shared that video with friends and the response I received was nothing but praise on how good it was. I thought it was ok and I knew I could make it better and I had more to improve on. I invested in research and teaching myself on how to get better at videography. In that same year I partnered with an established professional wedding photographer, they gave me the opportunity to shoot five weddings. I created five wedding videos for FREE!  Long story short from there, on I started up my videography business and the rest as they say is history.”

I asked Phong a few more questions to learn more about what drives him to continue to strive to be better.  He explained that, “the people, the emotions, and the opportunity to witness and create something special for people that is genuinely appreciated” is what fuels him.  Phong went on to explain that service and the personal touch is his business foundation.  Phong went on to elaborate: “The video will speak for itself, but where I want to focus on separating myself is the service I provide to my clients. My goal is to give my clients an overall experience of great service and not just a video. I ensure my clients are taken care as to reduce as much stress as possible for them.”

When asked about the most important thing that a potential client should consider when looking for their wedding videographer, Phong mentioned TRUST.  “Knowing who your videographer is as a person and professional will limit the risk in hiring just anyone blowing smoke in your face with misleading or false promises. Look past their beautifully laid out website and even reviews. Make arrangements to meet your videographer and know who will be there on your wedding day and who will be creating your video. If I could add one more important thing, that would be you get what you pay for. Don’t hire a videographer solely based on budget. Review the quality and understand the service you will receive.”  

He definitely has some great points here!  We always recommend that you get to know your wedding professionals and trust your gut.  It’s important to know your vendors on a personal level rather than just an a checkbox on your to-do list.  

To help you when searching for your perfect videographer, here are some of Phong’s suggestions on questions to pose to your potential providers.  He made it very clear that he wants to wants to help as many couples as he can, even if they don’t hire him.

1. I would like to watch some of your wedding videos. Where can I see more of your work?

2. Ask them to go over the contract with you so all parties understand the expectations and deliverables.

3. Who will be there on the wedding day, who is creating the video and what is the backup plan? There are no redos so ensure there is a backup plan.

If you’re interested in checking out more of Modern Fame Media’s work, check out the website at www.modernframemedia.com and their Instagram using the handle @modern.frame.media 


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