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January 6, 2017
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January 31, 2017
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The Entertainment Experience: A bold new approach to live presentation and performance

Professional development is very important at Just Grin Productions. We are constantly learning to become better for our customers. We are always striving to set the bar higher. We want our customers to expect more from their entertainment service.  Unique weddings for great couples – EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME. ‘Average’ doesn’t cut it at Just Grin Productions.  That’s why we have enrolled in “The Entertainment Experience: A bold new approach to live presentation and performance”.

Bill Hermann’s Entertainment Experience Workshop will help us learn to create theatrical experiences that move, surprise and delight wedding guests! It will lay the foundation for extraordinary events and will give us tools that we can implement immediately!

This is the first time that this workshop is being offered in Canada. We are one of a select number of entertainment companies that take their business seriously enough to invest back in professional development of this caliber in order to become better for our clientele.

We look forward to stepping outside of our comfort zone, to thinking outside the box, to be able to unleash greater possibilities which will ultimately lead to better events & more memorable experiences!

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