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Wedding photography is a very important decision for couples. Every couple will have their own priorities and therefore you will get a lot of different opinions on the topic of photography.  As a wedding professional myself I work very hard to provide my clients with the best service and best value for their money.  I know that when it comes to entertainment, you really do get what you pay for.  I am positive that this is also true with the wedding photographers.

As a DJ and MC I attend conferences and seminars, I spend a lot of time on the phone helping plan events, I am constantly answering emails and keeping on top of social media, practicing several times a week, etc.  Music, insurance, equipment, software and licensing are not cheap.  DJs that take the time to do things properly and run a reputable business are generally worth what they charge.  You’re not just paying someone to show up and play music for a few hours. It’s very similar with photographers as well.  Their equipment and supplies can cost tens of thousands of dollars and dedicated professional put in a lot of time and effort to cater to their customers.  When you’re selecting a photographer, you’re not just paying someone to take pictures.  You’re paying someone to help coordinate your day, organize people, capture memories that you may not even see coming, their talent, their equipment, their training, the countless hours of editing after-the-fact, and so much more.

My recommendation is to put your money where your memories are. Do your research and select professionals that suit your style. Communicate with your vendors so they know exactly what you are expecting. You should be very comfortable with your chosen wedding professionals.  If your expectations are clearly outlined, then the right people will do what they need to do to meet, if not exceed, those expectations.

Speaking of exceeding expectations, we are featuring the amazing John Lyons Photography with this blog post.



Who are you, and what is your business?

John Lyons – Wedding Photographer


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Chatham, Ontario with my wife Larisa and three daughters Mackenna, Meaghan and Carson. While we live in Chatham, we photograph weddings all over southwestern Ontario; Detroit, Michigan and Miami, Florida


How long have you been in business?

10 years. We photographed our first wedding on April 1st, 2006. In that time I have photographed over 250 awesome weddings!


How did you get started?

A bit of a fluke actually as I wanted to do sports photography initially. I assisted a friend of mine at a wedding in 2005 and was hooked within the first hour. A wedding is such an amazing day for the families – and it’s really a special feeling to be able to be a part of it.


What is your favourite part about your job?

Knowing that I am not only creating amazing images for my clients – but preserving their family legacy. We have their first family photograph – the one that their grandchildren will see in 50 or so years…


What sets your business apart from your competitors?

Every couple sees something in their chosen photographer that sets them apart. It’s why they select that photographer in the first place. For me though, I think it’s that I can capture emotion and detail at the wedding and balance that with candid coverage.


What is the most important thing a potential client should consider when comparing photographers?

1 – make sure you love their work. That might seem like it goes without saying – but their photography must touch your soul; 2 – look at an entire wedding. Anyone can put a few hero images on their blog or Facebook page, but can they deliver on the family photos, the prep, the reception, the details? 3 – make sure that there is a personal connection and chemistry. An engagement session really helps foster this connection!


What are some important questions for a potential client to ask a potential photographer?

Just talk – have an actual conversation. If you can do that then you’re already there with making sure that there is a connection. Ask to see a full wedding or two for the reasons stated above. Definitely talk about the timeline and make sure that you are giving your photographer enough time to create the images that you are hiring him or her for.


Anything else you’d like to add?

There are a lot of photographers out there in all price ranges. High price doesn’t always equal great work – but it does give some indication of the photographers demand in the marketplace. Again it boils down to you loving their work and the value that you place on your photographs.  Oh – and visit johnlyonsweddings.com !! 😉

John Lyons

Photo credit: Sarah Burnie

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