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October 15, 2014
October 27, 2014

I recently met a young lady who had recently been married.  Being very involved in the wedding industry I started asking questions about how her special day went, if it went how she planned, and if she had to do it all over again if she would chance anything.  It turns out that she loved every minute of her wedding day, until we got to talking about her wedding DJ.  I could tell that she was still disappointed to this day.  At that point I explained that I was a wedding DJ and asked if she would be willing to share her experience so that future brides don’t make the same mistake that she did.  Here is what she said…

“Hindsight is 20/20 when planning your wedding and you don’t want to regret anything. I would chose to do my wedding day over again 1000x exactly the same except one thing, my DJ…… We took the word of some friends and booked a DJ not really thinking it mattered, they just play music right? Nope they set the tone and atmosphere for the entire night, ours started terribly and continued that way, beginning with not having the father/daughter song as they said they would download it, to focusing more on the dinner they were given rather than the music during dinner. The night was still a wonderful night, but if I had one do over it would be to research DJs and pick the one I felt was most experienced, had the most fun and was genuinely interested in our day and our guests having fun, money would be no object to get the right DJ company to make our night a party to remember !!!”

So there you have it –  real life feedback from a real bride.  I always tell my potential customers that a DJ has a really big impact on how guests will remember their event, but of course it seems very biased coming from a DJ.

Think of DJs as chefs

Think of DJs as chefs

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