August 25, 2014
Music Volume
September 15, 2014

It is important that your DJ has the proper equipment to provide adequate sound production for your venue.  Not every venue is the same and it is not uncommon for different venues to require different equipment.  The number of guests that you’re planning on having can also impact the amount of equipment required and how it is set up.  Your DJ should be asking about this information before providing you with a quote.  Asking your potential DJ for quote without giving them the proper information is like going to buy a car and telling the salesperson you want “a vehicle”.  The salesperson will need to know what kind of vehicle you need in terms of features, how many people will need to be transported, what you’ll be doing with the vehicle, etc.   An entertainer that really cares about your event will try to gather as much information about your event as possible before providing you with an accurate quote.  This will also help avoid unexpected charges after getting a quote.

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